portation and light commercial use. Vale said it would be responsible for management control and marketing of the joint venture, believing that this new initiative will enhance its.

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ergy takes one more percentage point in the country's total energy supply, 500 million U.S. dollars spenting on energy importation will be saved, according to the country's Renewa.

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ntral Bank officials said Europe could survive a Greek withdrawal. "No one is invoking a Lehman-like-event to describe the exit like they did in 2010 or 2011," Busch said, referri.

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talk about it, not keeping it wrapped up, trying to figure everything out on your own." "It's hard. It's difficult," she said of her experience in losing her last job and the job .

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coordinated police operations against the city's main marijuana retailers," authorities said. Police also dismantled a cocaine processing laboratory in rural Barbacoas, in Colombi.

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democratic peace", Jaua said. Capriles on Tuesday called on his supporters to march to all regional offices of the National Electoral Council to demand a manual recount of 100 per .

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everything about pandas' diet, their habitat and unique characteristics. Tony Reich, whose firm was hired to design the exhibit, said it all came together within 12 short months, .

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chilla's administration, which came to power in May 2010, will govern until 2014. The government is interested in promoting a series of electoral reforms, including reducing publi.

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the Levant (ISIL), commonly known as al- Qaida in Iraq, the White House said in a statement.? Full story Obama rejects 2013 as worst year of presidency, expects "breakthrough" in .

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