ihiko Noda to discuss economic issues, bilateral commercial ties and regional security. He will also travel to the northern area near Sendai to show Canada's sympathy to the vict.

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ystem and would virtually hand "absolute power" to Correa. The CNE is due to release the final results by Tuesday at the latest, and the president had already declared victory last.

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ion to increase, which would harm the purchasing power of the poor population. "We will maintain the stability of our economy as an absolute value. I reaffirm that we will not allo.

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hows how the incidents continue to shape the world. The history is told through monumental and personal artifacts, photographs, audio and video footage, first-person testimonials, .

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d. Nieto was taken to Vera Barros Hospital in La Rioja city, the capital province, where he died on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, the police arrested three suspects of the attack. B.

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we've had a lot of drizzle and quite a lot of nighttime humidity, which helped extremely." In their struggle to contain the blaze, city firefighters, composed entirely of unpaid .

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Iran. What exists is a divergence between the Iranian government and the agency (the International Atomic Energy Agency)," said Lula. He said that so far talks were not "enough" .

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ing wildfires across the U.S. state of Oklahoma have caused significant damage as a result of hot temperatures and drought conditions. According to the reports on the website of th.

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he country's sixth prime minister in five years following his election as new leader of the governing Democratic Party of Japan on Monday. U.S. President Barack Obama delivers hi.

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