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nference call, adding that illegal border crossers already deal with a host of threats, such as criminal gangs that lurk in desolate border areas, which do not deter them from com


ar-long military conflict known as the War of the Pacific, in which landlocked Bolivia lost part of its territory, including sea access. Chadwick said the Chilean government "resp.


UN. Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez voiced his opinion on the matter at the start of the month, urging the U.S to pay something to the former prisoners. "The responsibility of .


o common shareholders. Revenue dropped 28 percent to 20.4 billion dollars before adjustments. The bank said, the third quarter earnings were negatively impacted by 1.9 billion dolla.


vance of the rescue works "is a positive element." The date expected to rescue the miners was originally set at the beginning of November. LOS ANGELES, July 25 (Xinhua) -- Thirty-t.

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venture companies or wholly foreign-owned firms. Cuba's new Foreign Investment Law took effect in June and the country is preparing for an influx of foreign capital and businesses.

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he small plane badly burned and charred black. The plane was believed to be transferring the patient from a local hospital to a Phoenix hospital. Authorities have no words yet on a.

ursday. On Friday, she held an emergency meeting with the cabinet to discuss the protests in the country of 190 million people, where mass protests have been rare in recent years..

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