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to the world political arena. The energy-rich Brazil should speak for Latin America when the world is being reorganized into big blocs, Mujica said before meeting with Brazil's Pr


CTBT, but not ratified it. There is an ongoing debate in the country as to whether or not it should ratify the CTBT. On Oct. 13 1999, the U.S. Senate rejected ratification of the .


ated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder, Hasan's lawyer was quoted as saying by U.S. media. Pohl submitted his report on Tuesday, but Army officials refused to d.


clues, if any, as to what will trigger the approach. "At this juncture, the committee has not agreed on specific criteria or triggers for further action," Bernanke said. He said the.


CEP) announced Monday. Preliminary results showed that Martelly won 67.57 percent of the votes cast, compared with the 31.74 percent garnered by the other candidate, former first .

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e mission to the coalition. Bill Gortney, director of the U.S. Joint Staff, told a Pentagon briefing that the attacks were conducted by both fighter jets and missiles. He said 14 T.

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ting from mostly direct exercise and application of power to a more sophisticated and difficult mix of indirect power and influence." To rebuild the foundation of American strengt.

parate accidents when their cars were struck by trees toppled by strong wind and heavy rain. A driver died after losing control in standing water and hitting a tree, and a child wa.

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