he building on their own while scores of others, mostly elderly citizens, were carried out by approximately 150 firefighters from seven fire departments on scene. The evacuated res.

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mber last year, Obama said that the United States is very much enjoying its relations with countries in Southeast Asia, which he regarded as one of the most important and dynamic.

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arthquake, thus wakening hundreds of sleeping residents to save their lives. Vicente Ramirez, the first baby born during the quake, was called by President Pinera "the audacity to .

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cycle." Gomez took over the post in November 2008 after his predecessor Juan Camilo Mourino died in a plane crash near Mexico City. "I am convinced that Blake has the credential a.

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Olympic Games. The takeover was preceded by the arrest, last Thursday, of Rocinha's drug lord Antonio Bonfim Lopes, known as "Nem," one of the most wanted criminals in Rio. Though .

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pick up Snowden. An Ecuadorian newspaper reported that Snowden was examined by an Ecuadorian Embassy doctor. Local media cited airport officials as saying the whistleblower was no .

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owns a store across the street from a Tensas State Bank branch in St. Joseph town in northeast Louisiana, took two female tellers and a man captive about 12:30 p.m. local time, l.

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uated late Wednesday morning before lunchtime after school officials learned of a bomb threat, local media KHOU reported. Hundreds of students and staff were relocated to the schoo.

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he early morning on Sunday, killing 28 and injuring 52, including 5 in serious condition. Eighty homes were also destroyed. Juan Jose Suarez Coppel, chief executive officer of sta.

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